How I enjoy shopping for home goods and how you can too

I have to say as we come out of the holiday season I am glad to be done with shopping. It really is one of my least favorite things. I know right! A woman that does not like to shop. But maybe I should clarify that I find shopping without a purpose dull and boring.

 I do actually love however to shop for home goods. So what is the difference? Well, when I am shopping for home goods I am usually doing it with intention. I know what kinds of things I am shopping for. I create a plan before I shop so when I go out to shop I am not distracted by all pretty things. Yes, it is always great to stumble on a great find. But it has to fit into the scheme of the plan. 

First thing I consider when shopping for home goods is my style


I know my own design style is transitional with a blend of traditional and modern. This prevents me from wasting time looking at all of the pretty things that I might find along the way. Such as farmhouse items that are all the rage. Yes, I like farmhouse style but it really is not my personal style and will not work in my own home. I will stick to thing that will have cleaner lines with less ornate feel.  This will save me time from distractions and money from buying things that just will not work. 

Second I seek things when shopping for home goods that represents what I enjoy

Such as I enjoy my time with my puppies.  My love goes deeper than just puppy hugs and kisses. (Although they are great) I actually enjoy training and working with my dogs and probably would have pursued it as a career had I not chosen interior design. So I enjoy finding ways to add them into my decor. NO, I'm not plastering them all over the walls but I do include subtle hints into my passion. 


I enjoy playing up things that represent my family. 

I have a small collection of crowns throughout my home that represents our name. Not only do I enjoy the play on the King name but I am also slightly obsessed with watching the royal family. Along with any other interesting films that are set back in the day of castles and knights. 

Third I look for items in my color scheme when shopping for home goods. 

There are specific colors to be used in each room. So I take the opportunity to use my accessories to add in some of the brighter colors. I like to remember along with my shopping trips the smaller an item is then the brighter in color it can be or it will just wash out into the background. 

Shopping for home goods can be fun if you shop with intention.

 It doesn't have to be a dreaded task. Just remember to create a plan in advance so you will know what kind of things you are shopping for. Adding in your personality will make the area more comfortable for you and your family. If you need help trying to come up with a design plan I am here to help. Go here to see my design services and how they can help you with your home.