Emotions you go through when you need to hire an interior designer

So you need to hire an interior designer.

Did you know there are several emotional stages you go through when you realize you need to hire an interior designer? It's true! Throughout my years as a designer, I have watched many people go through these changes - it's so common I can describe each one to you. If you know how you're going to feel, you'll be that much better prepared when it's time to get to work on your room. 

Which stage are you in? Let's figure it out.

Before you realize you need to hire an interior designer you feel anxious and overwhelmed.


Many of us are wishing to change up our homes. Sometimes this desire for change is just because you're tired of looking at the existing decor and chaos you come home to. Don't worry - wanting a change is a normal feeling. So off you go beginning to explore all the options that are available only to find there's an ocean of looks, colors, patterns, and textures to choose from.  

Then you realize that you really don't know where to start. This feeling usually leads to frustration, confusion, and anxiety. Drowning in this ocean of confusion leads you down a path that can zap your energy - it's ok, though, because these bad feelings lead you to the point where you finally realize you need help. 

When you're in need to hire an interior designer, your nerves will go berserk.

Great - now you've decided to hire some help for your project so you don't end up in yet another dead end project! This takes you down another road of the unknown - trying to choose the right designer for the job.  Like, really - you work in an office all day and don't know any designers. Where do you even begin? 

As the search begins you find that there are tons to chose from. How do you know which one is perfect for you? Well, as a designer myself, I would advise you to choose to work with someone that you can relate with. Make an effort to try and get to know the designer and what style they enjoy working with. I mean, you don't want to hope for an over-the-top glam bedroom style and then hire a traditional designer to complete the project.  Designers are not a one stop shop. Do your homework and look for someone that you can really relate to. 

It's worth the extra searching time to get the one who's right for YOU so you can start to feel calm again.

After your need to hire an interior designer is when you can celebrate!

Once your room is complete, you will want to celebrate with all your friends. Just be aware - due to how fabulous your room now looks, you may have friends who never want to leave!  This will lead you to an accomplished feeling you can enjoy for years to come. 

Remember - hiring a designer can ease the whole remodel process. When you have someone who can help walk you through the process. you'll find peace about decisions that are to be made. Your costs will be slashed because you won't spend money on items that aren't right for your space. Time will be saved because tasks will be completed in a timely manner. Not to mention just having someone that can relate to you and your families every need for your home feels GREAT. 

Did you figure out what stage of emotion you're in? 

Change your wishing into a reality by realizing the need to hire an interior designer. Decorating really does not have to be so hard - I can help show you how easy this process is here with my 4 easy steps.