Emergency Checklist For A Quick Home Makeover

Don't feel like you have to complete a full renovation when a quick home makeover will do!

We enjoy having company come visit, but not the feeling of having to whip our home into shape for the visit. I don't know about you, but I have experienced the panic mode before - I'm not a fan of the feeling! What are we to do when we have company coming and we're definitely not prepared? Should we just tell our friends and family - "No, I'm sorry - you can't come because I feel very insecure about my home"? 

No way! We should enjoy our friends and family without house shame. If you perform a quick home makeover first, you can make what you have more presentable and provide your guests with comfort


Here are 11 quick ways that you can pull your home together quickly:

Bathroom towel round up for matching towels. Dig the coordinating towels out of the closet. White and cream towels are always a great addition to freshening up a bathroom AND they work well with all color schemes. Colored towels are a great way to add color to a bathroom.

Freshen up your bedroom with fresh clean linens.

Bring in a touch of nature. Add a potted flower to your room! Green plants can color, bring nature in, as well as reduce stress and improve air quality.

Clear clutter. Don’t let your clutter own you! Get rid of things you really don’t need. Put away things that are seasonal. With your room decluttered, it will be more efficient and free up space.

Lean your art. Leaning your art will allow you to display great pieces with some flexibility. You can easily switch out pictures for the season without busting out the hammer. This look works great in vignettes. Try using in a grouping.

Rearrange your furniture. This is a free and fast way to get a new look in your room. Switch around just a few pieces or try to put some pieces at an angle.

Check your lighting. Make sure that your lighting creates the mood in which you want. Change out your light bulbs to get the desired amount and color of light.

By completing just a few of these quick home makeover changes your guest will think you have been preparing your house for months!

Move your accessories around or change them out. Changing out your accessories for the season will freshen up your area and create a new look for the season.

Get your room sparkly clean. Give your room a scrub down to make it sparkly clean for guests that come to visit. Wiping away dust will give your room a well-kept appearance as well as freshen up the air.

Style your dining table. Decorate your table to create an inviting appearance. Try adding a center piece that reflects the season. Mix and match plates to complement your decor.

Think seasonally. Make sure the items you're using to decorate with are in season. Items that we decorate with will create a mood so by using seasonal items, we entice our senses to be in tune with the spirit of the season.

Complete a quick home makeover for your own house the next time you're feeling unprepared for your visitors. Make sure that you pin this for later so the next time you are feeling the pressure from the coming visitors you will be prepared. 

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