Driving without a map is like decorating without a design plan?

A design plan is like a map

Trying to drive without a map is like decorating without a design plan. 

You remember that time when we tried to drive down to the beach but ended up in the mountains?

That kinda sucked, didn’t it? Yes, I love the mountains, too. But I wanted to go to the beach. And I looked a bit out of place in the mountains with my bikini on.

If we had a map (or at least the proper sense of direction or a phone with GPS, internet, and Siri) we could have gone to the beach.

Why didn’t we get a map? Oh yeah. We were full of ourselves. What kind of idiot doesn’t know the way to the beach?


You can bet next time we went to the beach we got directions first. First from the cell phone and second we printed some out in case we had no cell coverage. Smarter the second time around.

We all make mistakes and promise to do better next time. That’s why you will do better next time you decorate. You will get a design plan the next time you decorate. It is like a road map for your remodel. 

Design plan

Having a design plan will save time.

If you have to keep stopping to ask for directions to a place you are going you lose time. The same is true of trying to decorate a room without a plan. Why wonder around in stores wasting countless hours trying to find items for your home. Especially if you have no clue what you are even looking for. Take the guess work out of your room with a design plan.

Bathroom color selections


Having a design plan will eliminate mistakes.

Do you know for sure what size sofa you need, or what color? Don't get stuck living with a piece of furniture that does not even fit in your room. When we walk into a store and have no plan we will make mistakes. You will find that you buy and return items many times as they are not the right color. 

Having a design plan will save you money.

When you have a design plan you will already know what your budget is for your space. You will be able to take your plan with you when you go shopping. When you are out shopping you might just find a sale with a similar item and be able to save even more money. You can even keep your eyes out for sales on specific items that you want for your room. 

Don't make another mistake by trying to buy furniture without a design plan.

You know that you have promised yourself that you would do better next time. Begin your next remodel project with a design plan and don't end up making mistakes that you will have to look at for years. 

If you need help with a plan for your space check out my design services and don't make mistakes with your room design. If you are just looking for some more tips on how to arrange your living room check out this blog post