Don't let designing a room be like a really bad new hairstyle

desiging a room

We have all been there. You know - that moment you decide you're ready for a change? You start out in search of a new hairstyle. You're determined to find the perfect look to fit the new and improved you.
The search begins by looking online at all the latest styles. You check out what all the celebrities are doing and decide what they've got going on might be a bit much for you. Then you find your self-overanalyzing every woman you walk past while internally questioning if their style would work for you. You buy one more magazine to see if there is something there that you might have missed...

Until YES,  finally, you find that glorious style and you think you have it all figured out! Now to just take the picture to the hairdresser and get her to make the magic happen. 

Or, at least, you thought the magic was going to happen... until you're turned around in the chair and look into the mirror. Then that icy feeling pours over you. What in the world? This style doesn't look anything like it did in the magazine!

I mean, yes, the hair stylist nailed the cut and styled it just the way the picture looked. But WOW - it certainly didn't look like that on the model in the picture. Now you're so overwhelmed you just want to bust out in tears. You tell yourself surely it will look better when you get home and style it yourself. Showing your gratitude to your stylist, you pay her and head out the door holding back the tears at least till you make it to the car. 

Unfortunately, this was not the style for you, and you have to live with it until you grow it back out.

This is how we feel when designing a room goes bad.

We take the same steps of trying to find the perfect look for our room. We're ready for a change and begin the search for that perfect new look. Turning to Pinterest, we begin to pin pin pin everything that we like (which happens to be a little bit of everything if we are not careful.) We look for the latest styles and trends to update our room. 

You have now officially looked at every single style and look available in the world, but you're still so confused that and not even sure what you like. Desperate for solutions, you ask all of your friends what they like or think about styles that have caught their attention. Once again you begin to feel overwhelmed so you decide to just go shopping because this project is never going to get done at this rate. 

You start buying up all the items that catch your attention in the store, only to find out that when you get home they're not the right color or totally will not fit. Returning to another store, you begin buying, even more, items - surely that'll fix the problem this time, right? - only to find that they are totally not even the right style either. 

 Now you're frustrated, confused, and tired of messing with the whole room project. You really just want to sit down and cry as you have wasted a lot of time, money, and energy trying to make this room look like the picture - which it doesn't. 

It looks more like a something out of a design nightmare.

All you wanted to do was redecorate your room. You tried so hard to make your room look like the photo on Pinterest, but it just doesn't look the same in your home! This frustrated feeling usually ends with an unfinished room or a look you have to live with even though it doesn't make you happy.

Don't let designing a room be like a really bad new hairstyle. 

You don't have to live with a room design that isn't your style. 

Designing a room can be a great experience.

Make it your mission not to end up with another incomplete project because things were just not coming together. I have design services that will help you with a plan to designing a room - we can take away the stress, the guessing game AND the wasting of time and money. But most importantly, we'll define your style and reflect you into your home - not just a copy of someone else's style.