DIY lighting for your empty nest so you can actually see

DIY Lighting.png

Lighting is such a hard part of a design and many of us are left trying to DIY lighting.  DIY lighting happens frequently because we don't always consider the lighting plan of a home before we buy a home. Sometimes we simply don't realize until after the purchase of the home how dark a room really is. This leaves us with homes we simply have trouble seeing to complete tasks in. This especially becomes an issue for us empty nesters -  whether we want to admit it or not. As we get older we can't see in the dark as well and require more lighting.

The easiest solution to this problem is to just add more lighting. Sounds easy enough - right? Well, it's not always easy as we are stuck trying to DIY lighting that we aren't sure is the right solution to the problem. Sometimes we buy lighting without planning where in the room to place the light. Here are some lighting options that can fix your dark rooms so you can actually see again. 

DIY Lighting Tip #1 Table Lamps

This is one that should come as no surprise - table lamps. Table lamps are the best addition to side tables and nightstands. These lamps light our way in the evening while we complete tasks from our living room sofas, chairs, and beds. Table lamps can add warmth and ambiance to space while changing the mood from a harsh bright light to a soft inviting feeling. This is also an area where we can get creative, decorative or even fun. 

DIY Lighting Tip# 2 Floor Lamps

When you need to light an area that has no table or is an awkward place to add a table then opt for a floor lamp. Floor lamps can provide great lighting to areas that otherwise could remain dark by not having an area for a table. Floor lamps are great beside chairs for reading and one of my favorite places is next to a bedroom chest of drawers. Floor lamps can add height to an area to balance out space. 

DIY Lighting Tip # 3 Uplighting

Uplighting is a great source of lighting that is sometimes forgotten about for residential houses. Most people think of this type of lighting as being used in areas such as stages or for feature lighting to spotlight an area. A great way to use uplighting in a home is for an area that has a dark corner. It might even be an area that needs lighting but not necessarily the look of a large floor or table lamp. There are several solutions in uplighting that can add decorative style to your area as well as brighten the room. 

 I love to think of lamps as the jewelry in the room accentuating other items. The color of the lamp can help to accentuate other colors in the color scheme of the room. Lamps can express our style from the more modern to the traditional styles with lots of shapes available. The variety of colors that lamps are available in are a great way to accent any table. Let's not forget their texture from glass, wood, metal and even tile to add variety to space. 

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