Create your own Christmas Tree

I have a confession to make. I have strict self-made rules for my own home. My rule is I must have my home spotless before I can put up the Christmas tree.

This cleaning usually happens during my time at home for Thanksgiving. Well this year I have found myself in quite a conundrum. My living room has been a complete disaster area for a while as I am beginning some changes to my living room. This has delayed my cleaning and putting up the tree. Not to mention that my tree was damaged by my teenagers last year.

I have procrastinated buying a new tree this year. My thinking is that I can probably catch a deal on a tree after Christmas. However, this has left me with few options for a tree this year. My choices are try to repair the tree I currently have to make it last one more year. Use a sparse small white tree that I usually use as snowman tree as my main tree. Or I could try to create an alternative to my main tree.

This last idea has been intriguing me as how can you create your own tree when you don’t have one to put up. I have found some ways that seemed rather inexpensive and easy to do. This is important as I am a designer but don’t love DIY projects myself.  

Unless they are simple and take little time. I have discovered some ways to create your own tree. Today I am sharing with you my favorite ways to create your own Christmas tree.

Create your own tree by creating a floating tree.

Floating trees are sometimes known as invisible trees and can be created inexpensively as you can use ornaments that you already have. Use the round ball ornaments to hang as a mobile. This can be done by hanging balls at different heights to create a tree shape. These balls can be hung with fishing line or jewelry string and attached to steamer rack.


Create your own tree with string lights.

Use a sheet of mdf board and place nails or screws into the board in the shape of your tree. Wrap your string lights around the screws to hold the cord. This will create the shape of a Christmas tree.

Create your own tree with sticks.

Use sticks that you find from a wooded area in a variety of lengths.  You can leave them rustic or you can strip the bark. To strip the bark, follow these instructions. Use string to tie the limbs one to another to create the shape of a Christmas tree. Add lights if desired by wrapping the cord around the limbs.

Create your own tree with Greenery

Once again you can use mdf board as a background in white to attach dowel with a screw hook. Place varying lengths of dowel rods once again in the shape of a Christmas tree. Use floral wire to attach greenery to the dowel rods. Hang ornaments on each dowel rod as desired. Use a basket or galvanized bucket below to give the look of a base and a place to fill with presents.

The last option has been my favorite. Not sure yet if this is the way I will go with my own tree or not. I am still considering using my little white tree. As I tend to be a creature of habit and tradition. If you don’t have a tree this year maybe you could try one of these options. Let me know how it turns out if you do. If you have any other creative ideas that are your favorite for creating your own tree share them for others.