The average cost breakdown to remodel a living room in Greensboro nc


I often get asked what is the average cost breakdown to remodel a living room in Greensboro, NC. Well luckily I'm a designer and I have done quite a few of them so I can give you my ideal cost breakdown to remodel. I will assume for this breakdown this is a typical bare living room. I typically use a cost breakdown by percentage for items to complete your room so it will not matter what you budget allowance. Let's look at how the average living room can be broken down. 

Preparing your room for remodeling with paint

You have to start with the basics or as I like to call it the background with paint. The cost of painting can vary depending on if you pay a painter or if you plan on doing the painting yourself. Most of us will pay a painter so this percentage is based on paying a painter. The painter will typically provide the paint so it is included in this amount. I would recommend you research the different qualities of paints in your local area before you purchase as they are not all created equal. My favorite brand is Sherwin Williams as it is more durable and covers better.  Allow 5 % of the budget for prep and painting.

Most of your cost breakdown to remodel will be furnishings

This should come as no surprise. Furnishings in a living room will be the most used, touched and provide most of the comfort. Most living rooms are going to require at least one sofa, 2 chairs, 2 end tables, and usually an entertainment/tv area. Many rooms will include even more to provide additional storage options such as bookcases or shelving. Remember this furniture will need to last for several years to come so buying quality pieces will provide better durability and longevity of use. This is going to take up to at least 40% of the budget. 

Lighting and electrical cost breakdown to remodel a living room

No room will function properly without proper lighting. For you to get the most use out of your space in comfort you will need at least 2-table lamps to provide task lighting for reading and watching tv. A floor lamp is always handy in a room as it's able to light any dark corners and helps to provide equal amounts of lighting around the room. These lamps, however, will not be the only expense most rooms will have some kind of overhead lighting this fixture can be decorative or spotlight certain features in the room. Don't forget you may need to hire an electrician to hang the overhead lighting.  Allow 10% of the budget for lighting.

Flooring cost breakdown to remodel a living room

There are lots of different flooring options available today and there are great ways to now save on the budget. For instance, carpet will be half the cost of hardwood or ceramic tile options. But carpet will not be as easy to maintain and can cause problems with allergens. There are new options available in vinyl planks that will provide you the look of hardwood and ease of maintenance without the cost of hardwood. No matter what type of flooring you decide to go with making sure you consider who will be using the flooring and how long you expect it to last. This is one area I can assure you will get in what you put out. Make sure you check with your local flooring store to get the best information on how long a product is expected to last. So if you want a floor to be more durable and last longer then expect to pay more for it. Allow at least 25% of your budget for flooring

Window treatment cost breakdown to remodel a living room

Windows in our rooms add lots of light, add character, color, and pattern into our room. So they are pretty important as they are adding so many features. There are lots of window treatment options available from blinds, shades, premade and custom draperies. Most homes now have even a combination of window treatments of blinds covered by draperies. This is usually because blinds allow us to easily control how much light is coming into the room and the amount of privacy we have. The draperies provide the decorative feature with height, color and pattern making it a perfect pairing option. You can save on your budget by using premade draperies and blinds. But expect to pay a bit more for large or odd-shaped windows that require custom sizes. Set aside 10% of your budget for window treatments.  

The cost breakdown to remodel with new accessories

This is one of the best places to try to save on expense. Accessories can be expensive for your room if you are looking to replace them all. But chances are you already have something in your home you can use. Before you go and purchase new accessories first check what you already have. Look in other rooms of the home for items that could be used in your newly remodeled living room. Accessories are where you really get a chance to add in your personality. Don't forget to add in the throw pillows and area rugs to warm up the room. Try to add items in that work with not only your color scheme but also display what you enjoy. Such as pictures of your family, hobbies, and even things you have made yourself. Get creative if your budget is getting tight and try making some artwork yourself. Allow at least 15% of the budget for accessories. 

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