Want to build a stronger family with home decor, try this

When I planned my family I never dreamed that I would have to actually work to make us a stronger family. I guess I just always assumed that we would be close and do thing together.

However, after almost 20 years of marriage and as my kids have both grown into teenagers I must say that has not always been the case. There have been some wonderful years with my husband and kids that have been fantastic as well as some not so fantastic years.

Having a strong family has been a lot harder than I ever thought it could be. The most successful way we have found to keep us stronger is by creating time together.

This requires us to be able to have areas that we can gather together to spend this quality time together in.  These are the three areas that my family has set aside to make our family stronger.


Gather together each night for dinner to build a stronger family.

I try to make sure that my family gathers together each night for dinner. This requires a place to sit and eat our dinners together. This gives us time each day to discuss our days and ask for help, advice or just get encouragement.

Designing a beautiful dining area can provide you a comfortable area to meet with your family each day. Make sure that you have a dining place that has adequate seating with enough seating for the whole family.

The chairs should be comfortable enough that if you are seated for an extended period of time you will be comfortable. Make sure that the window treatments are appropriate for the time of day in which you eat most. It is difficult to enjoy a meal with sunlight blaring in your face.

Lighting should be taken into consideration not just for beauty but for sufficient lighting for the room. Chandeliers and Pendant lighting are great sources as they add style and provide soft, cascading lighting throughout the room.


Have fun with our families to build a stronger family.

We all like to have fun with our families. But sometimes the world spins a bit too fast and we tend to skip the fun until we have a vacation planned.

Waiting each year for fun time together can make our other gathering a bit tense. We can almost even forget how to have fun together. Schedule some family fun nights.

Create an area that your family can gather for fun. This might be an area for watching movies, putting together puzzles or playing board games.

Living room areas can be designed to accommodate these activities. New seating for movie nights that recline or have extra cup holders. Coffee tables can be a good size for holding a board, or card game. Lighting should be good but have the ability to be dimmed if needed.

Colors can be a bit bolder for living room or gaming areas as more excitement usually happens.  

relationship priority.jpeg

Heads of household should make their relationship a priority to build a stronger family.

Most important for a stronger family is for the heads of the household to make their relationship a priority. Time together will strengthen your relationship and create more intimacy.

Your bedroom should be that special place for you together. Create a romantic bedroom in the style you both agree upon.

Blues and greens are more calming restful tones. While caramel tones are more sensual.  Opt for several comfortable pillows and soft bedding. Use heavier fabrics for window treatments and area rugs as they will cut down on noise.

Keep work out of the bedroom by losing wires for TV’s and laptops these things make it harder to relax and keep the area from being special.

Of course don’t forget the lighting. Create at least three areas for lighting. Lamps for each side of the bed that are easy to reach, and one out in the space or from the ceiling to shed more light on the room as a whole. Opt for lamp shades for beside the bed that are a bit darker. This will create a softer more romantic lighting source.

Building a stronger family requires us to spend time together. Creating areas that accommodate these needs will ensure that these times together are comfortable and fit our needs. Things in our environment create mood and comfort. Design your home to make your family stronger by getting every member in the home involved. Don’t just assume that you know what every member of the family needs for the space are. Give it a try with your own family.

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