Beginner basics - How to fix your HGTV decor cravings?

Many people watch HGTV and want a beautiful room but don't even have a clue where to get started.

How to hire a designer

Here is how you fix that. You hire an interior designer who knows the proper steps to guide you through a plan for your room. I know you may be thinking that you would not even be watching HGTV if you could afford to just pay a designer to fix your space.

But design services have changed and online interior design is now making services affordable. But before you can hire a designer you need to consider who you want to work with. I am going to break down the things you need to know before you hire me to help so you can move forward with your room.

#1 way to know you want to hire me

Understand who I am. I am not a hottie tottie snobby designer. My professional style includes my jeans and tennis shoes. I work best when I am comfortable and high heels are just not my thing. But don't let my comfortable clothing style fool you. I am professional and prefer order. I want your design for your home to be the best it can be and reflect you. 

#2 way to know you want to hire me

You have to trust me, my experience and expertise in design. My design advice I offer comes from my knowledge of design through schooling. I gained hands-on experience through the years working with homeowners on a daily basis. Most of my clients have come to me looking for help and through determining their specific needs, viewing photos of their space and through the use of measurements I have been able to become an expert in helping my clients. 

#3 way to know you want to hire me

Online interior design isn't as expensive as traditional in home design. It's more of a DIY experience like you could get from HGTV. This reduction in cost is due to you doing your part. By you taking a part in providing me with measurements and photos of your room you save time. This time you save will be - time I do not have to charge for by doing this part myself. You still receive the benefits of a design plan to follow. This plan is like a map of your room. It shows exactly where everything goes. But you take on the experience of being able to purchase your own materials and put them into place with the guidance of the plan.

Hope this helps you if you are in the need of remodeling a room. If you want more inspiration than what you're getting from HGTV sign up for my email list here or check out my design services and let's get started on a plan for your space.