Bedroom quick fix without a Warren Buffet paycheck

Not every bedroom needs a long expensive renovation sometimes we just need a bedroom quick fix.


Let's face it we all want the guest bedroom to look its best when your mother in law comes for a visit. But we don't all have the Warren Buffet paycheck. 

Here are seven things that you can do to quickly fix your bedroom without breaking the bank.

Bedroom quick fix #1 change out the quilt and linens

Bedrooms are the recharge areas of our lives. Create a cozy place to rest for your downtime by investing in linens that are more luxurious with higher thread counts. Quilts and comforters add lots of colors and draw lots of attention being that they are the centerpiece of any bedroom.This is the quickest way to change the look of a room. Changing out the quilt first will allow you to make a change to the color scheme of a room and still use the existing wall color without repainting. Don't be afraid to express your personal style when choosing the patterns.

Bedroom quick fix #2 add color with pillows

Get rid of lumpy worn out pillows. Fresh pillows that are plump provide for a better nights sleep as well as look better in the shams. If you need to add more color to the room try using colorful pillows. Vary the texture, shape, and pattern to add more interest to the bed.  

Bedroom quick fix #3 change up your pictures

Pictures add a personal touch to your room. Use items that have meaning to your or your family. Such as try framing a family photo from a honeymoon, wedding or of something with specific meaning to your family. Such as, if your last name was like mine King then you could use pictures over the bed of a king and queen crowns. Try updating family photos to ones that are more current of your family. 

Bedroom quick fix #4 add greenery

Plants add a positive feeling to a room, reduces stress, and improves relaxation. This will also give the effect of bringing the outdoors into your room. Natural aesthetic beauty is soothing to people. With the selection of the right plants, you can add color and pattern to your bedroom as well as feel the positive benefits. Small plants are a great way to fill in small holes in your decor that just need a little something. 

Bedroom quick fix #5 lighten up your draperies

Brighten your bedroom by lightening up your draperies. Heavy draperies can be dreary and block lots of light. Bring in the light by using blinds that can be opened and closed. Sheers prevent an easy view of the inside of the room but bring in lots of light. Use a different texture from what is on the quilt and with a different pattern that is either larger or smaller than the quilt. 

Bedroom quick fix # 6 invest in a rug

Invest in a rug that can tie your room together. Area rugs add a connected look to a room by bringing in color and pattern.  Rugs add warmth to rather cold hard surface flooring such as hardwood flooring. And you will totally appreciate the cushy feeling it brings to your room. 

Bedroom quick fix #7 add books

Books are always a great way to dress up a night stand. If your company has trouble getting to sleep it is a great way for them to occupy their time or even help them get back to sleep. Not to mention that they add lots of color to your room decor. 

If you are needing more quick fixes for your personal home check out my decor services here. I have services that can help you quickly restyle your room. Not sure what package is best for you? Contact me and we will figure out what fits your needs best.