5 Amazing Family Room Makeover Hacks

Family rooms are usually the main gathering place for the entire family. To set the tone for the area you should consider comfort and style.  Determine what style the home has and carry that feel into the room. The items that you place in the room will help you to create your style. There are 5 family room makeover hacks that we can do to create an amazing space.

Family room hack #1 choose colors that will set the mood.


Try to choose colors that will set the mood you desire for the space. Comfortable feelings can be achieved though warm tones. Cool colors will provide an airy and open feeling. Solid color furniture and use a pop of color that can be achieved through the use of pillows.

Family room hack #2 mix up shapes, sizes and patterns.

living room.jpeg

Mix up you shapes, sizes, and patterns through the family area to create more interest to furniture. Try to choose patterns that work well together that are of varied size. Ottomans can add a different shape to square chairs or rectangular sofas, as well as provide additional seating.

Family room hack #3 create hidden storage.

Storage for electronics can be created through hidden storage. Built in or free standing cabinets can create lots of areas to store items that are not used daily. Try adding a free standing table that can be used as a desk and even provide storage. Large coffee tables can provide additional storage as well as gives a place for entertainment with games.

Family room hack #4 bring the outdoors in.

rustic living room.jpeg

Stoned walls, beam ceilings, and natural flooring will bring the outdoors in and add an additional feel of nature. Place nature prints on the walls to add more nature to your space. Greenery from real or artificial flowers give color and add life to a space.

Family room hack #5 use symmetry to create balance.

living room.jpeg

When placing furniture in your family room use symmetry to create balance in your space.  Proper placement of furniture in the area will direct your eye toward the focal point. Area rugs can direct the eye, add warmth, and pattern.