Accent wall in your empty nest Cool or Crappy

Accent your wall with paint

Should we use paint to create an accent wall in our empty nest? We use an accent color on a wall with paint to draw the eye in a particular direction. This makes paint great for accentuating an architectural feature or a special piece of art.  This can be extremely helpful to liven up an area. I believe an accent wall can be cool as long as we consider these few steps.

Step #1 Accent wall- Cool or Crappy: create a focal point

Rooms usually have a dominant wall in them. Analyze which wall in your room is more dominant. This would be where you should create a focal point. If the wall is a basic square or rectangular then the focal point is usually the wall you see first when you enter the room. Other rooms may contain some type of architectural features such as a fireplace or a built-in cabinet. Don’t choose the wall that contains the door as an entrance that would be crappy and hard to see. 

Step #2 Accent Wall- Cool or Crappy: choose a color that will stand out

Accent wall colors should be bolder than your other paint colors in the room. You might be using an accent color in your room with accessories. Sometimes this gives you the opportunity to use the same color as an accent wall color. If your colors in the room are not intense or bright don’t worry. Colors don’t have to be intense to be bold or make a statement. You can use a variation from another color in the room. By using a color, a little darker color you will draw more attention to the area.

Step #3 Accent wall-Cool or Crappy: only paint one wall

Never paint more than one wall your accent color. By only painting one wall an accent your eye automatically is drawn to the area. When we paint more than or two walls that are adjoining we create a corner. Your eye will be drawn in the corner and nothing you have on the wall will matter because your eye is permanently stuck in the corner and which is crappy.

Step #4 Accent wall-Cool or Crappy: create a frame

Instead of painting a whole wall an accent color you can create a frame. By using some moldings, you can create a picture frame effect on a wall. This is a great way to make a picture appear larger than it is or to fill more space on a wall.  To make the area more dominate add an accent color inside a framed area. Hang a picture or object for attention inside the frame. This will not only give the appearance of a larger picture but draw the eye or focus on the area. 

I find an accent wall to be a cool and great feature that can add interest. 

Follow just a few guidelines in order to get the most out of your accent. Remember the purpose of an accent wall is to draw the eye and emphasize an area. This is essentially creating a focal point. You don't want your eye to wonder in the room but be driven by the color and direction you are pulling it. Have fun with the color!

If you are still in need of more guidance on a color you can take the Learn to create color schemes for your own home that will walk you through creating your own color schemes available through my course in the Home Design University. There is also more guidance available through a design consultation where you and I will get specific and create a plan for your space that gives you direction.