A fresh look for your home decor project


We sometimes have good intentions with our home decor project right up until life gets in the way. There are things in life that happen unexpectedly and it can derail even the best decor plans.

So what are we to do when things don't go quite as planned. And I don't mean just with the project. Things in everyday life can happen such as unexpected emergencies.

I find the best way to overcome hurdles with your home decor project is by taking a fresh look at things. Let's look at a few ways to take a fresh look at your project. 

Take a fresh look at the size of the home decor project

Our projects can become overwhelming quickly when we try to take on more than we can handle. Remember life still has to go on around you while you are working on your project.

The best way to avoid overwhelm is to keep the project small. By this I mean don't try to take on more than one room at a time. This is something I see as a problem for a lot of people when they allow projects to become too large.

Sometimes projects can begin as what I like to call a snowball and before you know it you have a snowman. Which is understandable in design as many times one project can lead right into another one needing to be completed.

Just make sure you prioritize your project and don't start another area until the one you are already working on is completed. 

Reexamine the budget of your home decor project

When life gets in the way lots of time it becomes a budget issue. Prior planning will help this not to become a disaster. Preplan your space so you will know exactly how much money you have to have to complete the project.

If something unexpected does happen then it will not totally derail the project midway through. You will know exactly how much it will cost to complete the project and you will have a goal already set.

This prior planning will give you a budget goal to achieve and will keep your project from becoming completely derailed. By having a plan in place you will also be able to save along the way as if you see an item go on sale or you see a comparable item at a better price.

Consider the time to complete your home decor project

Home decor projects can take up quite a bit of time. Before you start your project you should consider how much time you have available to actually complete your project.

It's usually wise as well to check in with any contractors or installers to see what their schedules look like before you set a date.  You might need to make an arrangement for your project to take place as they can disrupt life.

Such as you might want to plan your project for a time you will be readily available or during a vacation while you will be out of town.  Knowing what all is to be completed in advance will help you know how long it will take to actually complete. 

Decorating can be difficult but when we take a fresh look at the home decor project you will be amazed what you will see. It's easy to overlook how the size of the project can grow. The budget can get out of control before you even start if you are not careful. And the time frame it takes to complete a project can surprise you. 

Take a fresh look at your home decor project and prior plan so your project will not be halted by life's unexpectancy. If you need help with your preplanning I have services that can help you along your way. Go here to see how my services can help you get your next home decor project planned and completed.