9 decor items you should avoid when decorating


There are so many articles telling you what the latest and greatest trends are, but I'm here to tell you the things I would avoid using for your home. I have tried and used many items throughout my years in design and I'm sharing some items I would avoid as they have not worked well for me.  

#1 Decor items you should avoid is polyester carpet

Many of us have carpet in our homes but what many of us don't know is not all carpets are created equal. Polyester carpet is one of the most popular in homes today. This high demand material is inexpensive compared to other options available and cleans well. However, did you know it's not known for its durability? Polyester will show more wear in high traffic areas such as halls, steps, and around high traffic areas such as around beds to bathrooms. If you're wanting a carpet to wear well in these high traffic areas I would recommend upgrading to a nylon or smart stand yarn. You can read more here about your carpet options. They are known for longer wear and durability. But don't be surprised you will have to pay slightly more for this material. 


#2 Decor items you should avoid is hanging blinds alone

Blinds are a great solution to almost any room in the home. They block lots of unwanted light, and provide privacy from passers-by. However, they don't actually create a beautiful window. They usually just fill the framed opening but offer very little to the decor color, pattern or character of the room. Anytime I am using blinds in a room I prefer to add some other types of window treatment to accompany it. Adding draperies over blinds will soften the look of the windows while adding color, pattern and even texture.  When draperies are paired together with blinds your windows will provide a beautiful functional design.  


#3 Decor items you should avoid is natural tile in your bathroom

Tile is very desirable for bathrooms but I would recommend you avoid using natural tiles in your bathrooms especially in the shower area. Natural tiles such as slate, travertine, marble, and granite are porous and will absorb stains readily. There are lots of man-made tiles available in ceramic and porcelain tiles available that aren't porous and are easy to care for and clean. If you would prefer to stick with your natural options just be cautious and make sure you are taking the proper steps to seal the tile. There are natural stone sealers that can be applied to help with the stone's ability to resist stains. 


#4 Decor item you should avoid wallpaper in the steamy bathroom

Several years ago in the late 90's wallpaper was extremely popular for bathrooms. I would take a second thought before I choose to use it in a steamy bathroom. Bathroom areas where showers are present don't always have great ventilation. This can cause the bathroom to become very steamy during showering. This excessive steam in the bathroom can cause the wallpaper adhesive to let go and your paper to curl or come loose. If you would like to add some pattern and color to your bathroom. I would opt for using an actual color on your wall with paint instead of a neutral color. Another great way to add a bit of pattern is through the use of wood paneling such as shiplap and beadboard or even tile. 


#5 Decor items you should avoid painting more than one accent wall

Creating a focal point in a room can be tricky. An easy way to draw attention or to draw the eye to an item is to paint a wall an accent color. A common mistake I see is when we paint more than one wall an accent color. When we paint more than one wall in a room with an accent color we create a split composition and our eye doesn't know what direction to go in. I would avoid painting more than one wall an accent color but the wall you choose to paint can be a bit bolder and brighter. 


#6 Decor items you should avoid similar pattern sizes

Coordinating patterns in a room can be quite challenging. A great way to mix the right patterns together is by avoiding similar patterns. Try to vary your pattern sizes into a large, medium and small patterns size. There isn't really a rule that says you can't use the same pattern and it actually can help to repeat patterns in the room. But you want to see them in different sizes so try adding some variation of size. 

#7 Decor items you should avoid bright bold colors

When you are decorating a room I tend to see homeowners use colors that are too bold. Try to reserve the use of these bold colors to smaller items. Remember the smaller items in a room are harder to see so the smaller they are the bolder they can become. This brightness will help the smaller pieces to stand out. Allowing your larger items such as wall color, flooring, and furniture to remain more neutral. Consider for instance using bold accent pillows on a neutral sofa. 


# 8 Decor items you should avoid barn doors

Barn doors have become a popular option for lots of homes. Before you choose to use one consider if this type of door is the right style for your home. These doors are taking over what was once the pocket door and are nice additions to areas that have limited space for door swings. Barn doors do have a rustic or farmhouse appearance and are not appropriate for all homes. There are lots of other beautiful door options for the home that are not as rustic. 


# 9 Decor items you should avoid marble countertops for the kitchen

There has been a splurge in the use of grey colors. With this change has brought about the use of grey Carrara marble for kitchen countertops. Marble is actually not a hard stone and could easily become damaged by dropping heavy objects on it in the kitchen. Marble is also porous and would require more maintenance such as sealing to keep the stone from growing bacteria. A less maintenance option would be quartz, it doesn't require as much maintenance and is more durable for a kitchen area. 



As you can see there are lots of decor items you should avoid when decorating your home. But there are lots of other options that are appropriate. Making just a few changes in your decor can make a big difference and avoiding some of these decor items will ensure you are happy with your decor for years to come. If you are needing help trying to figure out what to avoid and what to use in your home you can schedule a room consultation and we can discuss your room here.