8 Ways To Personalize Your Dorm


Going off to college can be a stressful time. You will be leaving home and rooming with someone that you barely know. Therefore, your dorm room space will become a getaway and sanctuary. This is the place that you will sleep, study and entertain. Your dorm room should be special and spell out who you are with your décor. Let’s examine 8 ways to personalize your dorm room space to make it feel a bit more like your own. Because let’s face it concrete block walls and cold hard floors with fluorescent lighting don’t really spell out cozy.

Personalize your dorm with options for storage

Dorms are small so explore you options for storage. We all have seen the stackable plastic containers with rolling wheels. But try to think outside the box a bit. This needs to very functional with limited space but does not have to be totally boring and have no character. Look for options that are not the normal. Try looking to Target or Ikea for some up to date storage options that add a little bit of color or pattern to the space.

Personalize your dorm when you rearrange some furniture

Colleges don’t usually place furniture in the most functional spaces.  Try to rearrange some furniture to get the best use of space. Sometimes stacking beds will give you a bit more floor space. But if you need your space totally separate try raising the bed enough to place the chest of drawers or other storage under the bed. This will give your small space a more open feeling. L -shaped layouts will also give you more floor space.

Personalize your dorm when you add ambient lighting

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Add ambient lighting to your dorm. This will take away the cold feel of the fluorescent lighting provided and give you a warmer more inviting feeling. This can be done in the form of a string light on the wall. A lamp on the dresser can provide light for the whole room.  Task lighting can be used on desks to light your area for studying. And let’s not forget even a night light that can help if someone comes in late and does not want to wake their roommate.


Personalize your dorm when you add an area rug

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Most dorm rooms come with commercial grade carpet or vinyl tile on the flooring. This is easy for the college to keep clean but does not provide a comfortable environment. Add an area rug between the beds or bed and desk area. This will add warmth to the space, color and pattern. Lots of teen even enjoy sitting on the floor with friends.

Personalize your dorm when you bring the outdoors in with plants


Try bringing the outdoors in with plants. Plants can give an area added color and happiness. Use window sills to place plants. Try a succulent as they require little attention. So ditch the commercial block walls and breathe in some fresh air with plants.

Personalize your dorm when you add seating for friends

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Provide a place for your friends to come hang out. You can add seating for friends with a pouf, ottoman, bean bag or even small chairs. Everyone needs a little down time with friends while away at college so make it comfortable to entertain your friends.


Personalize your dorm when you cover your walls with hangings

Cover you walls with hangings. This can be a bit tricky since colleges will not allow you to put holes in the walls. Use command strips to hang your items so you don’t damage walls. Colored Clip boards hung on command strips can add lots of color. String some twine on the command hooks and use clips to display pictures of family and friends.  Tape works well in different colors for framing pictures directly on the wall.

Personalize your dorm when you coordinate with your roommate

Coordination is key with your roommate. Try to discuss ahead of time with your roommate what colors and patterns you would like to use in your space. Come up with a plan that will accommodate both of your needs. This will also give you an opportunity to save some money, as you don’t need to double buy items for one room.