7 ways to make your home cozier

create a cozy home

Home is where you hang your hat, but it's also where we go to recharge from our busy lives. Making your home cozier will ensure that when you finally do make it home from your busy day, you can RELAX. Here are some ways that you can make sure that your home is more comfortable for you and your friends. 

Create warmth with paint to make your home cozier

Cozy up your space with warmer paint colors. Warm paint families such as reds, oranges, and yellows raise your blood pressure and your body temperature - notice I said warm, not dark. Remember - the color does not have to dark or shockingly bright to be warm, it just needs to come from the warmer side of the color wheel.

Block the drafty feeling of windows with draperies to make your home cozier

Having natural light is important in any room but in some homes, windows can actually allow lots of cool air to come in around them. Adding long window treatments will cut down on the amount of air allowed to come in. The fabric will also cut down on the harsh straight lines that moldings create giving a softer feeling in the room.

Keep a basket of blankets to make your home cozier

Baskets of blankets are a necessity - at least for me! Blankets that are within reach create a relaxing environment. Your guests will feel more relaxed when they come for a visit as they can envision that the people who live in this house actually LIVE there and the room is not just a museum for a show. The basket itself will also provide a quick storage area to put blankets when not in use.

Use furniture that has curves to make your home cozier

Have you ever noticed that furniture for contemporary rooms all have very straight lines? The feeling these rooms give you is cold and institutional. To create a comfortable place for conversation, opt for furniture with rounded edges. You don’t have to go for the full blown Queen Ann look. Just opt for slightly curved edges (without a lot of fancy scroll work).

Start a fire to make your home cozier

If your room has a fireplace, build a fire! Fires have been a gathering place for warmth and conversation for eons. Burning gas logs can create a similar effect without the smoke smell. If you have neither, put up a faux fireplace and fill the center with candles. If you'ree concerned about fire hazards, use electric candles - there are many made today that have flames that actually flicker providing a real fire feel.

Fragrances can make your home cozier

Appeal to your smell sensors. There are many scents you can infuse to create a feeling of warmth. Vanilla has this effect as its sweet smell brings contentment. Lily of the valley helps with the feeling of sadness and bring security - who doesn’t want to feel more secure? Jasmine helps to calm nervousness - this alone can help visitors feel at ease.

Adjust your lighting to make your home cozier

Lighting can affect how you feel in a room. Try to avoid overhead lighting as it is harsh and bold. Your lighting needs to be soft to provide warmth. If you're worried your room will be dark, add more lamps. Lamps are not just for tables! Use a floor lamp to add extra lighting. Get creative by adding in decorative objects that light up the area, too.

It's important to create a place to rest and unwind from our busy lives. Your home is your recharging station and when it's cozy, you'll have an easier time getting relaxed. When your home is comfortable, your friends will not mind coming over for a visit as well - they will feel right at home.

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