5 things to jumpstart your empty nest decor project


Redesigning a home can be kinda hard and frustrating if you don't know where to even start. I have created a list of things that you can do to get your empty nest decor project started off right. This is important when you start any design project that you get it started off right. Why? Well if you don't have a plan of action ready to jumpstart your home decor project then very often I see the projects end in disaster.

Too much money can be spent buying and returning items. Lots of time is wasted from the frustration of buying items that just don't work. The budget can get blown by not planning carefully or spending haphazardly. And the worst is that your project may never even get completed at all due to the frustration of trying to figure things out with a plan. Here is what you can do get your decor project started off right. 

Pick a focus room to jumpstart your empty nest decor project

Choose the one room in your home to begin your remodel in. Keep in mind that you only need to be focused on this one room. Trying to design too many rooms at a time will lead you down the road of confusion and will usually lead to a project never getting completed. Focus on a room that is in the most need will give you the best results right from the start and create motivation for you to move on to other rooms.

Take an inventory to start your empty nest decor project

Look at every item in the room and consider what you need to keep and what you are ready to get of. Start with the largest items in the room first. Decide if you are ready to replace or reuse each piece. Make sure you consider any emotional attachment you have to each piece and if you can afford to replace it now. 

Declutter your empty nest decor project room

After taking note of what large pieces you want to keep it is time to declutter. Make three separate piles that are to be trashed, donated, or to be kept. Try to think of your room in sections. Dividing the room into 4 quadrants will let you work in one area of the room at a time. Breaking the room down into smaller sections will prevent burnout. Treat the closet as a totally separate section as they always tend to be a large undertaking.

Consider how you want to use the empty nest room

Decide on what you want to use this room for. If it's a bedroom are you going to leave it a bedroom or are you going to use it for a new purpose? For this part, I recommend involving other members of your family. If there are other members of your home that might want to use this room. Then ask them what needs they have in the home that's not being met now. What would they like to use the area for? Don't assume you know what they want. They might just not have made their needs known. Now consider ways you can fulfill the most amount of need in this room. Such as a room for reading can also double as a hobby room.

Develop a budget for your empty nest decor project

Set a realistic budget based on the inventory of items you took above. You have to know decorating cannot be done on a dime. It will require some money to be spent in order to purchase new items for your home. Most furniture items can be found in similar looks in a low, medium and high price range. Do a little research before you go out and buy. Look around on the internet at products to replace and get an idea of what it might cost you before you even go shopping in the store. 

As you can see there are quite a few things you can do before you even really start buying items for your decor project. By jumpstarting your empty nest decor project off the right way you are more likely to be successful with your results. 

If you would like me to walk you through each of these steps in more detail then join me for The Empty Nest Celebration. There I will walk you through these actionable steps over a 6-day email course in more detail plus help you define your design style.