3 things I wish I knew before I started designing homes

There are lots of things I wish I knew before I started designing homes.

I mean, there's definitely a learning curve in design that takes time and lots of practice - there's no replacing that experience. The more I have decorated, the more I have learned about myself and my business.  I have changed up how I run my business to fit my best talents and who I want to work with when designing homes. These changes are not only to help me but to create a better service for you, my cherished clients. 

Here's what I've learned since my early days as a designer (and how it can help you).

Lesson #1: My faith really is an important part of my business

I believe that interior design is more than just a pretty picture on the wall. Great design carries responsibility for your emotional and spiritual well-being, too. When we live in chaos, it's often a result of the way we think, undoubtedly overflowing and infiltrating our homes. I believe that our home is an outward reflection of our inward self. To get rid of chaos, we must begin by designing within. I know that I fail all the time as a Christian and I need daily reminders to help myself not live in chaos - I try to help my clients get daily reminders to live in peace, too.

Lesson #2: I am not a designer for everyone (and that's ok!)

My personal life has changed through the years.  As my children have become older and more independent, I've changed and matured, too. I no longer desire to decorate nurseries and find hiding places for all their toys. My drive now is to finally be able to decorate my own home (yes, even with breakable things!) and help others who are becoming empty-nesters to find the beauty in their home again, too. You know - the beauty that's hidden under all the toys and clutter!

Lesson #3: I really don't enjoy providing all design services.

Yes, in design school I was trained in all areas of design. However, there are some services that I enjoy more than others. I have therefore chosen to only provide just the services that I enjoy doing. When I try to provide services that I don't enjoy, I feel like I am doing you a disservice because my heart's not in it. Therefore I'm no longer offering kitchen cabinet designs and layouts, but I will continue to help my clients choose the best colors, patterns, and materials for their dream kitchens.

Of course, if I had been blessed with knowing myself and my desires to help others with my design skills from the beginning I could have cut out some stuff, but that's part of life - to live and learn. During this process, I have enjoyed exploring all the different aspects of design. 

By better defining my skills and process I can now provide you with the best design that I have to offer. You can check out my services here to see which service fits your wants and needs best. If you would like to chat with me to see if we're a good fit for your job, contact me and I will set up a free consultation for you.