17 Ways To Create A Happier Home


A home is so much more than just walls, windows, and floors. What really makes a home are the feelings you have and memories shared within its walls. I love this saying by Angie Harmon~

“Here’s kind of my motto – if you’re not happy at home, you’re not happy anywhere else.”

A truly happy home is worth much more than its weight in gold. You should feel safe, comfortable, and yourself in the place you live in. It's important our decor choices support us to achieve this desired feeling. For anyone who craves a little more serenity in the day-to-day (so, all of us?), these decorating tips will make your space happy — without causing you home remodeling stress. Here are a few ways to help you create a happy home. 

Clear the clutter
Clutter is a big obstacle standing in our way of happy homes. Clutter can make us feel out of control as our life is interrupted by the things around us - causing us stress. We can lose things easily, become overly stimulated, less effective with our thinking, and can cost us money as we have to spend money to replace things we have lost. Your household system will begin to break down and not function properly. Take time to declutter each room of your home. You will lose more than the weight of things around you-you will also lighten your mood. 

After you have de-cluttered your home then it is time to organize. Intentionally create areas around your home to help you become better organized. Having a place for everything and everything in its place will make your room appear less cluttered. Remember - you want to make sure items are still convenient. An organizational system will help you to become more productive. You will know where things are and you will less stress because you know where things are. Opt for storage options that are great hiders of unsightly things such as stacks of paper may need a basket. 

Embrace your scenes
The smells around us effect more than just how our room smells. It will also affect your mood. Now I'm not saying you want your room scent to be as strong as a candle shop. But adding calming, soothings smells, or even smells that remind you of happy moments can improve our stress level. If you are not crazy about candles then there are lots of diffusers on the market. Some sents such as vanilla and lavender can create a feeling of calm. 

Soothing colors
Colors influence our mood. When you choose colors think about how the color will make you feel. Opt for soothing colors to help you home be happier. Keeping the rooms bright and airy with colors can help us to feel more at ease. Dark colors or colors that are too bright will cause us more anxiety and we will find it harder to rest. It's not uncommon for us to chose a color that's very bold or bright by accident. Get a sample to test in the room before you purchase your paint. 

Bring the outside in with plants. Greenery will boost your mood and decrease stress levels.  Being in nature is always uplifting. By bringing in some greenery we are able to add new life to the room. Now we don't want to add more stress by adding plants that are hard to care for. Opt for plants that may only need low light and are easy to care for. Caring for plants is an act of compassion. Who doesn't need more compassion in their life?

Let the natural light in
Sun filled rooms are invigorating. Let the light in by changing out heavy draperies and opting for opaque window treatments or sheers. If you prefer more privacy, blinds are a great way to go as you can control the amount of light you allow in. If you really want to brighten things up then try hanging a mirror opposite from the window as to reflect the light. Open the windows when you can to let the breeze in.

Surround your self in things you love
Add things into your decor you will never get tired off - things you love. We will always find room in our homes for the things we love. Don't be afraid to layer in items. Especially add the things with meaning to you and your family. This could be a favorite hobby, sport, or even just a family pet. 

Create good furniture flow
When placing furniture in a room consider where your travel paths are. Make sure your furniture is not crowing the travel paths or traffic flow of the room. This might mean you need to choose the furniture in a smaller size. You want your furniture to breath and not be crowded with other furniture in the room. Furniture that does not fit properly can cause us to become agitated as we tend to feel overcrowded. 

Make your bed
It seems to simple to be true but making your bed can help you be happier.  Now I'm not suggesting you pile your bed full of lots of decorative pillows every day. I'm saying to smooth out the sheets and pull the blankets up tight and smooth. Then place just the pillow you sleep on back into place. You don't want to this to take a lot of time or to become something you dread every day - so don't feel like you must fill your bed with all the decorative pillows you own. Your bed likely takes up lots of space in your room. Having this area neat and clean looking will change the whole feeling of the room. 

Display meaningful message boards
Set yourself a reminder to keep you motivated. Use message boards to display meaning full phrases or sweet sentiments. This little reminder can help up put things into perspective on the day's things get tough. They can remind us even of our why?

Heavy furniture
Lighten things up in the room literally. By choosing furniture pieces for your room that have a heavier appearance we can really weight the room down. Look for furniture with rounded corners and a softer appearance. These round cornered pieces such as a round table or drum shade will soften the room. Keep your patterns smaller and your colors more subdued on your furniture. If you are not ready to shop for new pieces then just add some cozy with throw pillows and a blanket.

Joyful art
Have fun with your artwork. Choose artwork with a playful color scheme or picks prints with a joyful spirit. If you have a hard time finding something then get creative and create your own. This is also a great way to add things your children have made into the mix. Display a picture or a painting and don't be afraid to go the extra mile to add a frame with color. 

Avoid the set
Furniture stores like to package up rooms with pretty bows on them to make shopping easy - and it is. Buying a suite of furniture is a convenient way to fulfill your need. This suite or set of furniture look, however, can create a sterile room feeling. These rooms are typically a bit more bland with their lack of variety. Spice things up by mixing up your pieces. This way you can get the pieces you need and not just the ones the store forces you to like. By adding pieces with more variety to the room you will add interest. 

Get whimsical
Add some whimsical wallpaper to your room. Wallpaper is a great way to bring color and pattern into a room to liven things up. Not crazy about wallpaper pull in some fun accessories. Use bright colors to lift your mood. Get fun and even a bit cheeky to add a happy vibe to the room. These whimsical additions will add a few surprises and keep your home from becoming too serious. 

Pick a signature shade
Our homes are a reflection of ourselves. Choose your favorite color to decorate with. If you aren't sure what color you are drawn to then check your closet. Chances are there's at least one color in your closet that dominates your wardrobe. Remember to spice the color up by using lighter and darker varieties of the color of choice throughout the home. 

Add more texture
Texture adds dimension to a room. It will appeal to your visual and touch senses which will add interest to the room. Texture can be added to the floor with rugs, paint on the walls, furniture such as tables, and anywhere you use fabrics. Some textures can add a cozy comfortable feeling and without it, you can have a room that's cold and uninviting. 

Mix up patterns
This is an area you can trust your instincts, but there are a few tips that can help. Try to stick to at least 3 patterns and vary the scale of each pattern you plan on using. Distribute the patterns around the room evenly and avoid placing all of your patterns only on one side of the room. Remember - patterns don't have to be all different colors. Tone on tone colors can still add character to the room. 

As you can see there are many ways we can create a happier home. 

Moods are contagious and our homes work in a similar way. When our homes are unhappy we tend to be unhappy. Creating yourself a  home that makes you feel safe, comfortable and yourself in your home is essential. If you have ideas about how to create your happy home but aren't sure how to pull them all together I'm here to help. I have room consultation services to help you pull all your thoughts together. You can go here to see how they can help you