10 hidden storage ideas for your empty nest

When a home is visually cluttered it is difficult to even see the beauty of the space behind all the stuff.  More concealed storage would help you clear the clutter and create a look that your friends will never forget. This extra storage would mean you don't have to get rid of things you are not quite ready to part with the empty nest. Instead, it would provide you with areas to neatly hide the clutter of things you're just not ready to part with quite yet. 

Create a place to put your keys

The first thing we do when we come in is throw down our keys. The problem is when we are ready to leave again they can be hard to find if there isn't a proper place to put them. Of course, you could use a bowl or box but this option tends to get tangled up and can become a junk collection. Add hidden storage for keys with a picture frame. Just simply mount a hinge to one side of the frame and you instantly have hidden storage area. Recessed medicine cabinets will also work to hold keys just remove the shelves and replace with hooks. 


Conceal your storage with cabinetry

If you are building, downsizing, or just remodeling it is a great time to try and incorporate hidden storage into your home. The easiest place to do this is in the kitchen with cabinetry. Cabinets are used to store all types of kitchen items but if you plan ahead you can even make room for hidden storage that not everyone would be expecting. Such as using the columns of an island for extra hidden storage. See how bhg has shown us in this kitchen.  


Use a hidden wall safe

Some of us have things that are very valuable and can't be replaced such as grandma's jewelry we inherited. For these pieces, we need hidden storage so secretive that even the best criminal would overlook it. Use a hidden wall outlet for concealing these precious items. This small safe is great for jewelry, coins, credit cards, or documents.  This inexpensive option just might save you thousands. Go here to get the hidden outlet wall safe.  


With a hidden storage ottoman

Want to even double your usage try adding a storage ottoman to your living room it can be used for storage and extra seating. Storage ottomans can house multiple items as they are usually pretty roomy. This will not only add to your decor with color and pattern but will provide extra storage. This beautiful ottoman comes in several colors. 


Use under the bed storage

Don't forget the already provided under bed storage area- fill the space with storage bins or cates. To make it easier to see what is stored in each container opt for clear choices that are easy to see through. Beds are usually large and provide lots of hidden storage space to utilize. This is one of my favorites to use. 


For jewelry behind a mirror

Use a mirror in the bedroom for jewelry storage. This is a great way to add storage without sacrificing floor space. Just mount the mirror to the wall for extra storage. Enjoy having a full-length mirror for dressing in the morning and provide plenty of storage for your accessories. I just love this storage mirror. 


Add rods to closet doors

The backs of closet doors are often left bare. Utilize this space by hanging extra rods or hooks on the door. This extra storage is great for hanging scarves, belts, towels, and even clothes to be worn the next day. This is also a great place to add a mirror or extra
storage containers to house jewelry or accessories.


Add shelves to the room

Need to display items in the room - add storage shelves that have extra storage as an option. These shelves not only allow for items to be displayed on them but can hide stuff in them as well. Providing clean lines and less clutter for your room. Adding shelves to a room is an easy quick way to add storage. Like this storage shelf from CB2.


Add extension rods

Extention dowel rods can provide more organization to areas under cabinets. They work great as dividers in kitchens under cabinets, and as shelving to hold baskets for further storage. You can add extension rods to the pantry, under cabinets, and in drawers. 


Using book cover storage


These books will bring character and personality to your space - all while concealing your items in a hidden box.  Gain storage and extra space with an added touch of class. These will look great on any bookcase.

As you can see there are lots of storage options that can help to hide the mess in your empty nest. Creating more of this type of storage will allow your home to feel more open, airy and cleaner. Becuase you know the less clutter you have the less you have to clean. This will also allow you to hide in storage things that you are not quite ready to get rid of yet. 

After you get your room decluttered you should be ready to begin to decorate. But don't worry I am not going to abandon you here. I have services that are here to help you pull together all our ideas. You can go here to my website to see what service might help you best.