Are you ready to celebrate and take pride in your accomplishment of raising children?

Are you an empty nester who's ready to finally make your dream home come true?

Are you guilty of spending way to much time pinning pictures but can't seem to define your own style?

If one or all of these questions ring true for're in the right place.

Get ready to lose the emptiness and be empowered to celebrate the new freedom of your empty nest. Raising children is an enormous undertaking that is life-defining. Now is the time to celebrate your accomplishment that you "MADE IT" and produced an independent child. You have now entered into a whole new chapter of your life. 

While this time might be bittersweet and a bit sad - lets take a celebratory attitude. Just remember your children will still continue to need your support for the rest of their life - the journey doesn't end here.  

Now is the time to start to live for you again. But, where is an empty nester even to start?

Well, my friend, you are in the right place to start - right here. See I am also an empty nester who understands what it is like to send a kid off to college and have a quiet house. I know what it feels like to not even know what to do with my spare time. And I am here to help guide you on a path to freedom. 

I want to help you celebrate this time in your life by helping you to create the home of your dreams. You have worked hard to raise the kids while sacrificing yourself and home to the cause. It is time to throw out the Cheerio crusted sofa and replace it with one of your dreams and treat yourself the home of your dreams. 

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“I enjoyed working with Christy on redesigning our bedroom. She made it so easy! All I had to do was take a couple measurements. Next thing ya know, I had an email which included the shopping list and everything. She took the stress out of design. Highly recommended for anyone looking to make their space beautiful!”

— Holly Hardister